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Affordable Sound Systems For Nashville, TN

Stage Right Sound Testimonials

See what other clients have to say about our affordable sound systems in Nashville, TN. We offer a variety of speaker rentals, concert staging and medium size sound system.

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"Hey Chris,

I just want you to know that I really appreciate all that you do...because you're great to work with and are always very accommodating. Thank you for always being professional and doing such a great job!"
- Alison O.

"If you need PA and sound engineers contact Chris O'Brien. He's the man in Nashville!!!! I use him for all of my gigs!!!."
- Jerry S.

"Chris does an outstanding job and his gear is always state of the art. Outdoor event and the sound was incredible. Even got compliments from the neighbors...miles away!"
- Rod S.

"Chris and his team are stellar! The sound on stage couldn't be better and put front was amazing. So good in fact that at a large outdoor venue, the sound was spectacular even on the 100 or more cell phones in the audience that took video. Use Stage Rite period. Well worth every penny!"
- Brion G.

"Great sound! Professional and easy to work with. Punctual!"
- Jake M.

"Great company. I've used them for big shows and small shows, and they always nail it."
- John B.

"These guys have everything you need and are incredibly helpful!"
- Lucas C.