Your Source for Music Gear for Rent in Nashville

When you’re lacking resources but the show must go on, rely on Stage Rite Sound. We’re the place to go to get music gear for rent in Nashville, and we also provide audio engineering services. We help everyone from artists to event organizers and venues put on memorable performances that sound great with our affordable and reliable equipment.

Audio equipment can be costly, so it doesn’t always make sense to invest in it yourself—especially for gear that’s only sometimes necessary. Plus, not everyone has space to store bulky equipment. Rent from us to ensure you have everything you need when you need it, without the added expense and storage issues of buying it outright. Contact us today to request a rental or learn more about what our experienced sound engineers do.

Everything Your Show Needs

Whether you need a full setup or a single item, we can accommodate you with our broad selection of music gear for rent. Our inventory includes the following and more:

  • Sound Systems
  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Public Address Systems
  • Stage Lighting

Talk to our team if you have any questions about the specific equipment models we carry or want a recommendation. We have over 30 years of industry experience, so we’re able to assist you with any challenge you might be facing during your event. You can count on our knowledge to ensure everything sounds great when it’s showtime.